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                                      About USA.ATVTA Group

USA ATVTA Group operates in 21 countries worldwide. Companies in North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific region with technical support, sales, marketing and customer service department, and in Canada, Ireland, China, a total of three factories, production, research, development and quality Management. The company has a worldwide staff of more than 1100.

USA ATVTA Group 2000 Nian into the Asian market, and established in Hong Kong USA ATVTA Group (HK) Investment Co., Ltd. as a regional headquarters, to join the big Chinese market. 

 USA ATVTA Group is a world-renowned structured cabling solutions provider in the design, development, manufacture and deployment of cables, structured cabling systems and cable management solutions, has a long professional experience in the field, in the establishment and normative industry standards leadership, unparalleled in the industry for intelligent buildings hug the network cabling to provide a complete range of complete solutions, including Gigabit, Gigabit fiber optic cable, super five, six types of copper cabling system. Received, including the telecommunications network operators, commercial office buildings, business plants, teaching networks, government, health care, banking, and other intelligent network cabling endorsed unanimously by the user.
USA ATVTA Group performance in the industry-wide success lies not only in its technology leadership, but also because high standards and high reliability, in strict accordance with international standards TIA / EIA 568A / B and ISO / IEC 11801 provides design operation, for new products the development of a comprehensive test, to peers around the world provide the industry's highest performance products to meet different customer's current and future needs of all aspects. Continuous efforts to develop the best solutions and enhance product flexibility, as users around the world to provide the most reliable and highest performance network cabling products.




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